Premiere Star,with the unique capability and innovative ideas of internet integrated marketing, is an advertising company taking advantage of mature on-line technology, continuing to provide customers with exclusive and customized service.

网络活动策划 Network Activity Planning

- 新品上市网络活动策划Network activity designfor new products
- 微信推广活动策划Wechatactivity promotion
- 口碑营销活动策划Cyber-advertising plan

微信平台服务 WechatOperation

- 微信平台管理及运营Management in official Wechat
- 微信活动策划Activities Promotion
- 第三方技术开发Technology development
- H5 活动&游戏制作H5 pages and games production

网络媒体策略 Network Media Strategy

- CPC 效果营销CPCeffectmarketing
- APP 广告位等Ad position

口碑营销服务 WOM Networks

- 微博、论坛Weibo、forum
- 博客、问答Blog、Q & A

视觉创意表现 Design and idea

- 平面设计、H5 设计Visual of graphic and H5
- 品牌包装、VI 设计Visual of brand packaging and VI
- 活动网站页面设计 Visual of websites

企业网站制作 Website Building

- 活动网站Event website
- 企业网站Brand official website

我们是怎么做的 How we behave?

The reasons for choosing us

Premiere Star has the unique ideas and concept in network integrated marketing. We advance with the times, breaking the traditional model in marketing, thinking creatively with combination of Chinese and westemculture, seeking a breakthrough by open and bold marketing strategy.

Our Team


Professional team, the project tocontroland supervision.

销售 Sales

To provide Professional is responsible for the project, 1 to 1 communication service.

运营 Operations

Responsible for customer communication and service, to control the progress of the project.

技术 Technology

Technical development and optimization.

策划 Planning

Marketing strategy to provide professional integrated marketing solutions.

设计 Design

Provide customers with tailor-made creative design.

文案 Copywriter

Responsible for all pject-related quality copy writing.